The Extreme is a complete outdoor cinematic entertainment solution combining motorized, mega-large format, ultra-bright, 16:9 format, hi-resolution LED screens with Stealth Acoustics’ award-winning speaker and amplifier technologies – all to create a uniquely capable and fun outdoor audio visual experience.  Each system includes either stereo or multi-channel speakers and subwoofers built into an impressive monolithic weatherized containment enclosure designed to withstand the elements.

Entertainment lifestyles are moving out-of-doors and unlike repurposed delicate indoor projectors and screens, The Extreme systems are specifically designed for outdoor use, reliably reproducing vibrant and colorful images even in broad daylight. The Extreme provides dynamic, full-range, multi-channel surround sound to recreate the movie theater experience in your own backyard. Stealth’s award-winning outdoor StingRay™ loudspeakers and subwoofers coupled with Stealth amplification and Digital Signal Processing provide realistic and highly-immersive cinematic sound reproduction.


The LSH-MO Outdoor Lift System Heavy is designed to handle the raising and lowering of heavy outdoor TV’s.
Outdoor suitable features include a sealed lifting beam, stainless steel components and an IP rated control box, all designed to handle the environmental strains typically put on outdoor systems.
Individually sized per order, all LSH-MO lifts are bespoke built to perfectly suit the screen specified by the customer and each unit is shipped with fixed lid hardware.